Can I bring my own garments into store to print on?

Yes, however we can't print on wool or any garments that could have lining materials that could possibly melt (jackets are the ones you need to watch out for). We will asses your garment before printing and let you know if there is any issues. 

Can I do vinyl printing online? 

Unfortunately we only do customized tees and hoodies in store as we like to work with you in person to get exactly what you want. 

Where has the Roam Christchurch store gone? 

Unfortunately we had to close in Christchurch airport due to the impact of covid.

Is Roam Kaikoura closed? 

Our Kaikoura store is only open in the Summer months, follow our social media platforms for updates @roamclothingnz. However you can shop all year round right here!

Can I work with you? 

If you're a photographer, videographer, designer or in any creative field and would like to collaborate please get in contact with Sara the SMM & Queenstown store manager. 

Can I get a patch pressed? 

Yes, come into store and we can heat press for $5